How to Make Your Chest of Drawers Look Taller in Your Home

A chest of drawers, sometimes called a wardrobe, is a type of closet that possesses several analogues, horizontal or vertical drawers usually organized one above the other. There is no special type of chest of drawers but whatever it’s name implies, it can be the perfect home furnishing choice for those who like to arrange their own stuff. Chest of drawers can either be traditional or contemporary, depending on your personal preferences. This article is written for you who are interested in buying one.

The most significant function of a chest of drawers (aside from storage) is, of course, as storage. With ample space available on each side of the drawers, you can store anything you want, regardless of its size clothes, books, toys, collections, etc. chests of drawers are ideal for using as home dressing tables. Since there are drawers on both sides of the chest, this gives you the opportunity to put away your clothing neatly and easily.

Aside from being a good furniture piece for the bedroom, the chest of drawers can be an excellent addition to any living room. Dining and household activities often require you to put some of your things away, and when they’re not neatly stowed away, your dining room or your kitchen might suffer as well. A chest of drawers can serve as both a dressing room as well as a place to store your household items. If you’re thinking of adding one to your house, you should keep in mind a few things first. You need to decide whether you want the chest simply as a storage chest or if you would like to turn it into an ideal bedroom furniture piece.

There are actually several ways to transform a regular chest of drawers into a more desirable bedroom furniture. The most common way is to place a chair or a sofa between a lower bed and the drawers. This allows the bed to be placed directly under the chest of drawers-which eliminates the need for a table. This arrangement can also be used to create a reading nook along with a desk and chair-which makes the chest of drawers appear much taller than it really is.

Another way to make the drawers of the chest appear taller is by having the upper part of the drawer covered with glass or frosted film. This solution has a dual purpose: first, it allows the upper part of the chest to be visible; and second, it keeps the bottom part of the drawer closed, thus preventing the dresser from tipping backward. This can also be applied to dressers with built-in waist bands. In fact, if you’re feeling very creative, you can even paint the frosted film on the upper part of the drawers to make them look taller.

Lastly, you may choose to use the space underneath the chest of drawers as another storage area. You may create a shelf or a set of hooks by pulling out a section of the wall behind the chest and placing hooks or shelves below it. If you have enough room, you may even install a light fixture above the drawers. This way, you not only lighten up the room but also add a unique touch to your home.