Building a better future

HRN1 will create a new sustainable neighbourhood, providing a logical, natural and well integrated extension to Houghton Regis. The site will deliver:

  • New Opportunities for Growth - HRN1 is lynchpin of Central Bedfordshire Council’s planning and growth policies and once completed HRN1 will deliver 5,150 new homes of a range of types and sizes, circa 2,450 new permanent operational jobs and 2,550 temporary construction jobs.

  • Excellence in Design – HRN1 will deliver the highest quality development, meeting exceptional design standards. Design Codes approved by Central Bedfordshire Council as part of the outline planning permission will ensure the standard of design will be maintained across the whole site, and through the entire construction process.

  • Extensive Education Provision - As part of the residential development three new state of the art primary schools and one new secondary school will be delivered, which will help meet future need for education provision in Houghton Regis.

  • A Community Inspired development – The local community were heavily involved in the formation of the outline masterplan. The scheme will deliver extensive benefits to local residents including new retail space; offices; industrial units; storage and distribution; healthcare provision; hotel; care home, community and leisure uses; car showroom; data centre; petrol filling station; car parking; primary substation and energy centre.

  • Increased access to green open space - The plans include 78 hectares of green infrastructure (equivalent to c.117 international football pitches, or 4 times the size of Houghton Hall Park or 30% of the entire site). There will be significant benefits to local wildlife through the provision of special green corridors, wetland areas and walkways. The proposals will protect the futures of the Houghton and Ouzel Brooks.