Building a better future

Welcome to the website for HRN1, a high quality new sustainable neighbourhood, providing a logical, natural and well integrated extension to the North of Houghton Regis. HRN1 is being promoted by the Houghton Regis Development Consortium (HRDC).

We are now moving on to our second Area Masterplan and Design Code (AMP2 and ADC2). AMP2 covers 11 acres and is located to the East of Sundon Road. Please click here for a red line plan. AMP2 will include the HRN1 Visitor Centre, residential use, retail opportunities and a food store along with formal and informal open space.

The consultation on AMP2 has now closed. To download a copy of the exhibition materials please click here. 

HRN1 is lynchpin of Central Bedfordshire Council’s planning and growth policies and once completed HRN1 will bring 5,150 new homes of a range of types and sizes, circa 2,450 new permanent operational jobs and 2,550 temporary construction jobs.

HRN1 will deliver the highest quality development, meeting exceptional design standards including three new state of the art primary schools and contributions to a new secondary school which will help meet the future need for education provision in Houghton Regis, along 78 hectares of green open space and a range of retail, commercial and community provision.

HRN1 has exceptional connections to the UK road, rail and air network, making it the ideal location for the provision of new jobs, business, retail, homes, schools, country parks, community and leisure facilities. Integral to the development of HRN1 are the A5-M1 Link and the Woodside Connection and both roads are now open for public use. The construction of the A5-M1 Link has only been made possible by the £45 million contribution from HRN1 to facilitate its delivery.